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    Operation Mustard Seed 2018

    Turkana, Kenya


    AiMIN again joins Bread of LIfe Africa to build on what God started in 2016 through Operation Mustard Seed. After the first ever organized medical camps, the Ministry of Health recognized the extreme need and has dedicated a full time technician to help the village Namariat. Since the, incredible things have been happening and the government has agreed to provide a full-time nurse and other allied health professional in the near future. See how a small see can grow?


    During the initial clinics, we focussed on safe water, hygiene, infectious disease and utilizing the Moringa as a potential source of nutrition. This fall we will focus on addressing the tragically high infant mortality by training local missionaries in basic resuscitation. Related topics such as CPR and management of maternal bleeding, traumatic injuries and more! 

  • Past Projects

    Check us out for an example of what we can do with your support!


    Healing Invisible Wounds free Acupuncture Clinics

    courtesy Portland Acupuncture Clinic via Acupuncture Today

    AiMIN founded and sponsored Project5PP free acupuncture clinics in Western North Carolina for Veterans suffering from PTSD, stress, anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia. These sessions, valued at $30 each were provided free of charge to active-duty servicemen and any Veteran with honorable , general, or other-than-honorable discharges.


    Since AiMIN relocated in 2017 to Colorado, these clinics have been operationally transferred. Stay tuned for details!


    Operation Mustard Seed 2016

    Turkana, Kenya

    NEED: MDs, DDSs, Optometrists, RNs, PA, EMTs, students and lay persons to help us bring the first ever organized healthcare initiatvie to the remote tribes in Turkana.

    Chaos in Chios 2016

    AiMIN responded ermergently with a small team to address the on-going refugee crisis in Greece.

    The Syrian refugee crisis peaked in late 2015 and completely overwhelmed the infrastructure of the Greek Islands. Thanks to thousands of volunteers and NGOs, basic needs for refugees were met. Small families pay over $10,000 to smugglers, travel over 40 days by foot through Turkey, hiding as they go, arriving to the shore of Turkey where they were promised safe passage only to be herded like cattle onto small dinghys that tragically sank. They were sold completely inferior 'life vests' that did not float, were beat and pistol whipped if they refused to board and had to travel mostly by dark on unknown waters with minimal ability to navigate. If they did not capsize and drown in the middle, they often crashed into rocks as they approached the lighthouse, not realize the light was a warning. International maritime law prevented Greek rescuers from helping them until they were within yards of the shoreline.  


    AiMIN's small strike team worked alongside established NGOs on the island of Lesvos, such as BoatRefugeeFoundation.  Our team members served in the mobile clinics for at-risk-refugees, assisted on the shores for refugees who made it alive, and helped in rescue boats during the dark to help guide refugees to safe landing.  We also served the volunteer population by providing them with the 5Pp [five point protocol] acupuncture treatment to help reduce stress, insomnia and anxiety.  By serving as stewards of Christ's love, we exemplified nonjudgemental care for others and witnessed through example.

    Orlando Terrorist Attack Relief Efforts 2016

    AiMIN is supporting our partner, Acupuncturists Without Borders, as they heroically and immediately respond to the recent terrorist event at The Pulse nightclub. Using the Five Point Protocol [5PP] and other trauma healing methods, they are coordinating local providers to provide immediate relief to those suffering so that the cycle of emotional trauma can be stopped before making lasting imprints. AiMIN recently began a campaign and has sent over $100 in basic clinic supplies, more than 3000 ear seeds, over 15,000 acupuncture needles and 1,000 SleepMix tea bags to use and distribute in clinics. Please donate to help these heroes help our fellow Americans traumatized by this horrific act of violence.

    Recognizing Rangers 2016---Easter Baskets

    NADA 2016 Conference, Albuquerque NM

    Tiberias, Israel

    Trauma Healing 2016

    with Acupuncturists Without Borders

    Recognizing Rangers Spring 2017

    Pay it forward Christmas 2017

  • 2015 Pay it Forward

    Mrs Marshall was a hard working woman when she had a terrible health set-back and surgery. It left her unable to pay her bills and scraping by to make ends meet. This is an all too familiar story. She was to be evicted on Christmas Day. Our Lord was also homeless on this day, but through your generous support and the intervention of the Antioch Angel [see our blog], AiMIN was able to help Mrs Marshall stay in her home.

    Recognizing Rangers

    AiMIN not only supports our Veterans through our Project 5PP, we support our active duty service men and women. We regularly prepare packages for a 15 member squad in the 1st Batallion to honor their services in this unstable world.


    The Ranger Regiment is a rapidly deployable strike force and is the largest special operations combat element in the U.S. Army. They specialize in short-notice raids and assault missions deep inside enemy held territory.


    Making Missionaries

    AiMIN is pleased to announce collaborative efforts with partners like Equip International, located right in our own backyard near Asheville, NC.


    Like AiMIN, Equip firmly believes the love of Christ must be demonstrated as well as heard. Their mission, therefore, is to prepare, send and support evangelical missionaries to assist the church around the world. They offer an exciting array of courses from 1-2 weeks in such areas as:

    • aquaponics
    • agriculture
    • water filtration
    • well drilling
    • English as a 2nd language
    • community health evangelism, and
    • Missionary medicine

    For more information please visit them at



    The Hase Care Fund

    AiMIN is proud to give back 100% of funds raised to assist the family of Wolfgang Hase. Wolfgang was an adventurer and successful businessman who suffered from addiction. He passed away untimely after a traumatic brain injury that left him in a coma. AiMIN accompanied the family to Medellin, Columbia to help navigate the medical and legal intricacies surrounding end of life care for a foreigner in a foreign country. Through the facebook page 'The Hase Care Fund', AiMIN updated his friends around the world as to his progress and the challenges involved in his situation. Donations raised to date have provided Wolfgang with an honorable local burial and, ultimately, a final return home.

    2015 Ebola Response

    AiMIN was proud to join the CDC to provide training in Ebola management for our military and non-military staff deployed overseas during this epidemic.


    pictured right: AiMIN founder, Dr Flora with our new Surgeon General, Dr Murthy, who visited our Ebola training sessions

    Team AiMIN


    Color our World 



    Colorful characters ran to blot the darkness out of substance addiction and abuse. According to the CDC, almost 7,000 people are treated DAILY in emergency departments for misusing prescription drugs. There is a national crisis of overdose from misuse. Substance abuse, especially prescription drugs, are killing 1 in 4 in western NC counties. AiMIN hosted a team to raise funds for the Project 5PP to address this epidemic.

    "Go Pink"

    in Mexico 2015


    AiMIN joined CERT Int'l in a ground breaking, faith based effort to bring breast cancer education and screening to rural Mexico. We teamed with pre-med students from Pittsburgh State University and local Mexican partners for a week of free clinics in Oaxaca, Mexico.


    We used portable ultrasound for diagnosis and education!

    • 1000 medical and dental patients served 
    • over 870 prescription medicines donated
    •  520 glasses fitted
    •  18 breast ultrasounds
    • > 400 salvations


  • 2015 Stats & Figures for our first year!

    In our first year of existence with your help we provided......



    medical visits



    Missionaries educated



    Free meds/glasses



    = $35,765

    Value of donated goods and services







    Clients served

  • Did you know 

    AiMIN has no salaried employees so that 

    over 94% of your donation goes directly 

    to the intended project?

    Tax deductible to the extent of the law

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